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About SmartUrja

Nepal, despite having the world’s second highest hydropower generation potential, faces a serious energy crisis; 12 hours of power cuts, petrol, diesel, and LPG shortages. SmartUrja aims to work on addressing these shortages while creating economic opportunity. Nepal lies in the solar belt and receives excellent sun, yet its solar resources are unexploited; while rural solar is catching on, upgraded systems for urban areas (even rural areas) are either expensive or too inefficient to be called real solar power. At the same time industrial livestock farms are sprouting up all over the country, yet their waste is contaminating the environment and they are running generators to meet their electricity demand; Nepal’s successful biogas program has not been able to address this market successfully. SmartUrja is One Planet Solution’s energy business devoted to developing solutions to these problems.

About One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd.

“Solving Today and Tomorrow’s Problems¬†Today” is the concept that One Planet Solution was developed on. At current rates, if everyone on Earth used resources like the Western world (US, EU, etc) environmental experts believe that we would require more than 3 planets worth of resources.[1]¬†Does this mean that ‘developing’ countries’ development should be restricted? No. What is means is there is a lot of economic opportunity in becoming more efficient. The world doesn’t need to use 400 liters of freshwater per capita per day for household uses, or even 100. That’s just one example. We at One Planet are here to work toward these solutions through a business approach.