SmartUrja is dedicated to developing a strong team of innovative people who want to work together for the long term. We are committed to employee development and internal innovation. Our founding team consists of people with strong backgrounds in the field who also are part of the founding team for SmartPaani. Our advisory team is strong and we also have formed partnerships with reputed and innovative international companies. We are always looking for young and dedicated people to grow our team and further our mission.

Suman Shakya – Managing Director

Shailee Basnet – Director

Tyler McMahon – International Advisor

Bijay Sharma – General Manager

Sambaddha Pradhan – R&D Coordinator

Binaya Karki – Manager

Shuvee Neupane – R&D Consultant

Sunita Shakya – Finance Head

Kanak Muni Tamrakar – Accounts

Rupmila Maharjan – Office Secretary

Hari Tamang – Office Assistant